When you send your little one off to preschool for a day of learning and socializing, whether it is for a few hours or a full work day, you want to make sure they are prepared for anything that might happen. Since you won’t be right there to help them out, putting the right things in their backpacks is crucial. Today, the team here at Valley Learning Centers has some suggestions for good items to send to preschool with your youngster so that they and their teachers are ready at a moment’s notice and you can rest easy knowing they are well-equipped.


Our kids are most likely not foodies at the gentle ages at which they will be attending preschool or going to an early learning center. With that in mind, they be unaware of what foods contain certain ingredients. A cake may look delicious, but if your child is allergic to nuts and has no idea what a pecan or almond is, this could spell disaster. Just the same, if your son or daughter has asthma, it could be catastrophic for them to be found without an inhaler. Be sure that, if nothing else, you pack any medication your child could need at any point in the day. Talking with the team here at Valley Learning Centers to ensure we know a child’s specific needs can pay dividends if a situation ever arises.

Healthy Snackbackpack_innerimage_blog

Kiddos love to snack. If they had the option, they may eat an entire bag of peanut butter cups or peppermint patties in one sitting. Rather than allowing your youngster to be tempted by such an act, pack them a healthy snack. Things like peanut butter and apples and homemade trail mix can be great options. They provide vitamins and healthy macronutrients while also giving a little bit of the sweetness the youngsters might find themselves craving throughout the day. It will also be important if your child is participating in a half-day program, in which they may not always find a snack that they like from the food options provided. Rather than a hunger strike, the homemade snack will save your child from being hungry and potentially cranky, which is best for everyone.

Change of Clothes

Mud and puddles of water are magnets for young children. They leave all reservations at the door and without a worry about their well-being or that of their clothing, they will jump feet-first into the toys Mother Nature provides. Children are also prone to accidents from time to time, and there is nothing worse than a child being uncomfortable or embarrassed until mom or dad are able to pick the little one up. Rather than your child being covered in grime, sending a change of clothes with them to their preschool or early learning sessions can provide a backup plan for their teachers.

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