In our last blog post, we discussed the benefits that can come from your child using a tablet or other technologically-charged screens. These can range from an ability to supplement education to developing problem solving skills. With all of the screens that surround our children nowadays, it is nice to know that there are positives that can be gained from this saturation. However, there are certainly some negatives that come from using technology during early education and developmental years. Today, we want to explore these detrimental effects and give you some advice on how to utilize tablets, smartphones, and other technology with your children.

Screen Time is Not Personal Time

In our previous post, we said using technology can be great if you need your youngster to stay occupied for a short amount of time while also doing something productive. However, if this practice becomes habitual, it can morph the relationship between parents and children. Your kiddos may be inclined to grab a tablet when they are with you rather than interacting and improving social skills. Hiding behind the screen can become a byproduct of continual usage, which is often the opposite of the goal. This can lead to lack of interest, inability to concentrate on anything but a screen, and even poor interpersonal relationships. Limiting screen time is useful in order to give your youngster enough usage where they will be content, while also not begging for more.

screentime_negativet_blog_innerimageIt Can Be an Early Addiction

This sounds extreme, but it is true that technology poses just as much of a threat of addiction as anything else. After coming home from school or day care, your young one might automatically jump on the tablet to play their favorite game. Bath time is over, so it’s time to use Mom’s smartphone and use that app with their favorite character. While habits and routines are good and healthy for your kids, taking that approach with technology usage can morph into something far less desirable. As we continue to suggest, limiting the amount of time your child spends can be highly beneficial. Using it as a privilege, not a right, can help your youngster begin to understand the beauty of moderation and the satisfaction of having a little time to savor is better than overloading themselves in one prolonged sitting.

Limited Options

Playgrounds, books, and playing with other children provide countless opportunities for adventure and creativity to flourish. While tablets and other technology are useful in certain situations, nothing can substitute a good ole game of tag with the neighbors. Rather than playing simulated baseball on a game console, going outside and playing catch with Dad will be far better in the long run. Technology eliminates the need for creative thinking and imagination. This can be good to take a small break, but continual exposure will be detrimental in the long run.

Smartphones, tablets, and the plethora of technology that our children will be inundated with is unprecedented. It is important that you are able to find the right balance of exposure while not allowing them to be ruled by their screens. If you want your kids to instead have a great time at the best day care and early learning centers in Phoenix, check out one of Valley Learning Center’s ten locations! Stop by today and see why our facilities are the best choice for your kiddos!