When a child begins his or her educational journey, early learning plays a crucial part in setting the table for a lifelong love (or the less preferential disdain) for things like reading, language, music, and math. There are lots of ways to help your child appreciated learning, whether it be academics, sports, or another hobby. Today, the team here at Valley Learning Centers in Phoenix wants to lay out some of the best ways to help a child appreciate learning new skills or acquiring new knowledge. Learning doesn’t have to mean boring, and we want to make sure your youngster knows that!

earlylearning_blog_innerimageSocial Settings Early on

Preschool and early learning programs are potentially some of the first exposure your children will have to a large social setting. They will meet kids their age from different backgrounds and families, but they will all be together in the same situation. When a child is exposed to large groups, they quickly learn the need to acclimate and use social skills. While children may not understand what awkward situations are, a child’s social skills can greatly develop when they are strongly encouraged to make friends, which will be useful later in life for situations such as the first day at a new school or a networking event.

Social settings are also good to help children begin to understand right and wrong, as well as what is socially acceptable. If they do something inappropriate and are reprimanded, for example, they will start to understand not to do that same thing again, which begins to instill quality habits.

Informal Group Lessons

Much like how exposure to social settings is positive for children, so are group settings when it comes to learning a new skill. Children may be hesitant to pursue or even attempt a new sport or hobby because they have never done it. If it is something that often lends itself to one-on-one lessons, like piano or vocal lessons for example, finding an alternative that takes place in a group setting can prove beneficial. Whether it is group lessons, playing team sports, or speaking a language with another student rather than an instructor, a child can benefit from learning with his or her peers.


Surrounding yourself with a skill that you are trying to pick up and master is the quickest way to ensure it will become ingrained and nearly second nature to you. Whether it be language or sports, getting a child exposed early is a key first step, but immersion will truly bring the message home. Options like an immersion program where children are taught and spoken to in another language other than their first are a great way to bring about a natural progression without making the child feel as though the skill is being forced upon them. Feeling comfortable and familiar with a skill and it’s applications are crucial in making it intrinsic for your youngster.

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