Valley Learning Centers is the premier early learning and child day care center in Phoenix. With 10 locations across the Valley, we are proud to provide parents with peace of mind, knowing their children are getting the most out of their time with us is important, and that includes promoting health and wellness. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but roughly 31 million Americans skip their morning meal. At our daycare facilities, we are happy to provide our students and attendees with a well-rounded meal in the morning to ensure their day starts off on the best foot. We want to make sure parents know the importance of breakfast and what it can do for your children. If you are looking for the premier early childhood education and preschool center, trust Valley Learning Centers to help develop your children in the best way possible.

Health and Wellness

When it comes to breakfast and skipping meals, some of the numbers across the United States are staggering. Roughly 31 million people skip breakfast every day, and those numbers include children. There is also a strong link between lack of breakfast and childhood obesity, due to the potential for overeating, snacking on nutritionally-lacking foods, and making less than ideal choices for the rest of their meals throughout the day. An increase in weight can lead to other problems for children, such as decreased self-esteem and lack of physical activity. A healthy breakfast is critical to setting a child up for success not just in the day, but for years to come.

Breakfast Means Energy

When your youngsters wake up in the morning, their bodies have taken the night to reset and replenish. However, sleep also means that the human body is lacking in nutrients and hydration, which means adding them back into the mix is critical to a day of success. Low levels of glucose, B vitamins, and iron are why breakfast is critical. Lack of nutrients will mean little-to-no energy throughout the day. Not only will breakfast help your youngster be awake and ready to go when they start their morning, but will set a precedent for the rest of their day.

Convenience Doesn’t Mean Unhealthy

A common reason for skipping breakfast is the inconvenience. It’s already difficult to get out of your warm bed in the morning, and when you and your little one are already running late for work and daycare, nutrition will be marginalized for convenience or ignored entirely. A quick breakfast can also be nutritious, such as a piece of toast and an egg or whole grain cereal. A study from Yale even shows that children who eat two breakfasts are less inclined towards obesity than those who don’t eat breakfast at all, so eating at home and at our daycare centers can be beneficial for your youngsters. Valley Learning Centers believes that healthy eating doesn’t have to be an inconvenient, which is why we offer breakfast for both students and their parents before work and school.

Whether you are a parent who has to run out the door early or you have a picky eater on your hands, Valley Learning Centers is here to help. Our nutrition program ensures your youngsters will be set up for daily success, so enroll your children today!