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At Valley Child Care & Learning Center, we place a high value in our role of preparing preschoolers for Kindergarten. Our classroom design, curriculum, teaching staff and equipment are all chosen based on extensive research and knowledge of early childhood and the learning standards established by Arizona’s Department of Education. Research continues to show that children exposed to consistent, quality literature during the fundamental, 0-5 years are set at an advantage when entering elementary school. In an effort to continue to support families in Phoenix we have joined in Little Free Library’s book sharing movement and you’ll now find a library available to all families right on our campus! We are so excited to see this library grow and reach families within our community.

Today, our preschoolers joined us for a very special grand opening celebration!

We began the celebration with a discussion about what the library is and who it is for. Many of our preschool friends had been to a library before and were excited to share their experiences! We agreed that the library belonged to everyone, their families, friends and community. Our preschoolers then collected a few of their favorite books and enjoyed a reading together.

After we finished reading together it was time to welcome our new library! Each friend had an opportunity to hug a brand new book, welcome it and put it inside the library. They did a fantastic job and together we announced that Little Free Library #90609 is officially open and ready for visitors!

How Does Little Free Library Work?

Little Free Library at Valley Child Care & Learning Center

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