This time of year brings Phoenix families beautiful weather and the return of routine as the hectic holiday schedules wrap up and back to school transitions settle. Unfortunately, for many, this time of year also includes the sniffles, coughs, and sometimes worse for young children. We have committed to partnering with Phoenix families since 1967, health and safety is a top priority in our childcare and preschool programs! Let’s explore some research-backed ways to make sure your family is feeling their best this season!

Keep your family living healthfully in 2020

Tip #1 – Eat healthfully, drink plenty of water and find the right multivitamin for your family!

Keep your family living healthfully in 2020

Children’s nutritional and health needs will change as they go through different developmental stages. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthfully is an excellent way to boost your child’s immune system naturally. While a balanced diet should include most nutrients, minerals, and vitamins children need, taking a multivitamin ensures there are no deficiencies in areas required to stay healthy. For children attending our Phoenix childcare and preschool programs, we provide a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack all free of charge – to support a preschooler’s growing and active body!

Also check out – Very Well Family’s list of the best children’s vitamins of 2020!

If your child is regularly wrestling to fight off a specific illness or seasonal ailment, talk to your pediatrician and research to find the best options to support your little one’s immune system. Your provider may also recommend a probiotic as a your child builds their immune system.

For families that struggle with picky eaters, sources such as Healthy Little Foodies, or On My Kids Plate provide some creative inspiration on meals and snacks you can feel good about your little one eating.

Tip #2 – Everyday patterns lead to long term habits!

Simple changes in routine can empower children to take charge of their health and, in turn – keep the whole family healthy!

Keep your family living healthfully in 2020
  • Take shoes off before walking in the house

    When you come in the front door or garage, have a space available for shoes to be taken off and stored. Our shoes take us to lots of places throughout the day and carry around more germs that we probably care to know! Removing them before walking through the house makes an exponential difference in the spread of viruses throughout your home.

  • Get plenty of sleep and practice self care

    It’s no secret that when we sleep well, we feel better! The same goes for our infant, toddler, and preschool-age children. Having a set schedule that ensures little ones get the appropriate amount of restful sleep each night will help support not only their growth but also their wellbeing. If children are beginning to grow out of nap time, using that time to rest their bodies and do a quiet activity is another beneficial health habit to start at an early age.

  • Regularly wash toys that are handled often or put in little one’s mouth

    It’s easy to forget that some of children’s favorite items to play with have potential to carry the most germs! Getting on a consistent schedule for washing and rotating your child’s favorite play items can drastically help with keeping immune systems up. Most small toys such as legos, cars, or stuffed animals are able to be washed easily by being put into laundry bags and placed in the washing machine or dishwasher!

Tip #3 – Encourage hand washing and clean environments!

Keep your family living healthfully in 2020

As we know, children are our most excellent imitators! By encouraging conversations about taking care of ourselves, eating healthfully, washing our hands often, and correctly as well as modeling appropriate behavior, we have the most significant opportunity to empower our children to want to be healthy! At Valley Child Care & Learning Center, we complete routine handwashing upon arrival, before eating, after using the restroom, after playing outside and before and after any sensory or messy activity. As opportunities arise throughout the day, such as a child sneezing into their hand or wiping their nose, we also encourage them to take a minute and wash their hands to help prevent the spread of germs.

As a licensed child care facility in Arizona, we follow all appropriate and mandated regulations for maintaining a clean and healthful environment. Of course, from time to time, we see children who are under the weather and ask that they remain home until they have been symptom-free for a minimum of 24 hours. As your family is visiting and playing in places together as a family, we recommend following these same practices. Avoiding situations like fast food play places, parks, playgrounds, etc. if they do not seem to be cleaned routinely or if there are sick children around will aid in your family staying in tip-top shape this spring!

As a partner to families in Phoenix, we believe the health and safety of our preschoolers is of the upmost importance. Alongside providing outstandingly clean environments for children we believe our responsibility is also to educate them on making the best choices that support their growing bodies! These topics are actively discussed and taught across all age groups both in the curriculum we implement and routines we follow within the classroom.

If you aren’t a part of our family yet, we’d encourage you to stop by and get to know us! We’re confident you’ll see why we’ve remained a top choice for families searching for childcare and preschool programs in Phoenix. We offer state of the art infant, toddler and preschool programs at nine, convenient locations.

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