Approaches To Learning

We offer an engaging, STEAM integrated preschool learning curriculum for children ages zero – five.

Focused on how young children learn best – through play!

Young children require materials and lessons that are hands-on to create lasting impressions. In order to help them grasp concepts for lifelong lessons, we incorporate experiences that use all five senses, and are fun and stimulating! Our daily lessons include STEAM, and our classrooms include dedicated areas that focus on math, science, gross motor, fine motor, art, sensory experiences, language/literacy, and more!

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Developmentally Appropriate lessons aligned with Arizona’s Early Learning Standards!

Developmentally Appropriate Practice means that the activities and programs in our preschool curriculum consider what a child is ready for and able to understand. For preschool age children, it is developmentally appropriate to offer them a range of opportunities to interact with their environment. Practices that take into account the developmental readiness of each child can boost self-confidence and independent thinking. Doing so also provides children with opportunities for individual expression and a chance to practice their decision-making.

Keeping parents involved, preparing your child for success!

We believe that parent communication and involvement are vital to a positive preschool experience! Assessments based on developmentally appropriate expectations will be provided for your child twice a year. While feedback will be available on a daily basis, parent-teacher conferences are also offered and encouraged to ensure continuous communication. Our preschool curriculum and lesson plans are always available to view on-site with paired materials and ideas to enhance daily lessons at home!